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Understand & Improve your Employee Engagement
Tools that stop “hit-and-miss” Hiring & Management
Strategic HR Software for SME Talent & Remote Work

Get Clarity:

• Find your Performance blockages
• Know employees’ real feelings
• Link strategy to people profiles
• Amazing psychological insights on:

• Role fit
• Team Dynamics
• Communication
• Self-management

Get results:

Use proven methods that deliver

• 15% more productivity
• 25% less sickness
• 26% higher retention

No more “hit-and-miss” people management

We empower your performance & people management:

Engagement & Diagnostic Surveys

click for fast insight & action plans based on behavioural science

Strategic HR Software

click for how to deliver your business plan

Optimum Hiring Software

click for easy to use & affordable job profiles, assessments, interview guidance & sourcing

Manage & inspire teamwork software

click to simplify staff management, optimum teams & unblock communication

• Training

click for skills in motivation & talent optimization


• Address root causes
• Action Plans for Line Managers

• Remote work best practice


Click here for the science behind engagement


For the price of 1 to 3
of coffee per employee per month

Digital surveys easily gather |the data, analyse and give tailored recommendations


• Holistic Systems sustain performance
• Scalable hiring
• Remote work
• Learn proven motivation skills 

Click here for training

For the price of 2 or 3 coffees a month per employee
our survey clients have understood root causes and achieved:

15% more productivity,
25% less sickness and
26% higher retention!

Our survey partner measures 16 key engagement factors based on motivation science

Online employee engagement software designed to support busy HR professionals and Executives in SMEs & corporates

• Empowers your line managers with easy to follow action plans
• Automatically generated coaching recommendations
• Access to growing library of line manager learning content
• Centralised post survey action tracking
• Easy to execute (can be done in 2 weeks) with excellent support
• Concierge support services also available

Clients have achieved 15% more productivity, 25% less sickness and 26% higher retention!

If you are wondering…
Why is employee engagement & remote work so important?

The Scary Facts

Research indicates 70 – 80% of staff are disengaged!
Unengaged staff = unproductive staff

Remote work is skyrocketing & businesses who miss the opportunity will suffer

The Cause

Traditional management approaches fail to engage and enthuse

Most companies don’t have holistic systems & software to optimise talent. People’s uniqueness is not catered for so many are misplaced & sub-optimally managed.

The Exciting Facts!

There is a holistic talent system with proven software that stop hit-and-miss people management & hiring

It is affordable and SMEs can access this cutting edge technology

Behavioural science has proven that people living in the 3 C’s optimise motivation, performance & retention 

These 3 C’s work wonderfully for remote work

Software as a Service (SaaS) & Consulting

Holistic HR software and talent system for SMEs


• Diagnose current status using Engagement and Diagnostic Surveys

– Already prepared surveys easy to implemented which can be modified to suit
– Access proven behaviour science driven by technology
– Quick analysis and clear action plans from proven psychometrics
– No need to rely on expensive consultants


• Strategic HR assessment and design software

– Identify the profiles needed to deliver your business plan
– Assess current leadership profiles & strategic alignment
– Identify gaps & use a detailed profile to find the right people who will deliver on your business plan

• Optimum Hiring Software

– Clearly identify the profile needed for success in the role
– Easy to use & affordable assessment tool to check fit
– Train up in-house skills so you are self-sustaining
– Interview guidance questions
– Specialist search services to help you find top candidates

• Manage & inspire teamwork software

– Understand each staff member and their profile & manage based on who they are
– Identify team requirements & put together optimum team
– Address team communication challenges
– Understand why some managers battle to lead and how to address it

What we do in employee & performance engagement


See Through Surveys

Discover & solve your engagement challenges  

Digital Engagement surveys

• Super easy to implement

• Low cost

• Amazing insight on 16 key engagement drivers


Make a Mark

Access Powerful strategic HR software so leadership and teams are optimal

Access software that link your business plan to staff profiles

We help you execute strategic interventions to address your challenges  



Implement & Inspire

Implement optimum motivation science software systems & training that empowers 

• Implement holistic systems that take out the hit-and-miss of people management (role design, individual fit, teamwork, managing & hiring)

• World class standard

• Activate individual skills for sustained


Learn to Live Out

Clarity & coaching from engagement & performance experts 

• Apply breakthrough scientific approach to motivation & performance

• Systems that work and drive an optimum talent culture

• Remote & virtual employee engagement


Enjoy, Embed & Engage

Enjoy being Self Sustainable

Engage top talent as you grow 

Secure the best who are assessed for their critical 3 C’s to ensure  optimum performance

The science behind performance and engagement


How do You Motivate Your Team?

Disengaged employees cost organizations billions every year,
Yet most managers have no idea the root source of the problem and how to turn things around.
The right motivation really matters. And it can be learnt!

This flexible program is available in a one-day or 1½-day format for managers and self-leaders how to shift towards optimal motivation, every day, to increase employee engagement and productivity. Participants are equipped with skills and the software that they can immediately apply to themselves and facilitate conversations with others to apply the 3 C’s (Choice, Competence and Connection).

We have partnered with a world leader in management training so the course complies with world class learning and development practice.


• 3 x more satisfied with their jobs
• 31 % more productive
• 3 x more creative on the job
• 10 x more engaged by their jobs


Day-to-day optimal motivation is the fuel that increases employee engagement and employee work passion.


By facilitating optimal motivation conversations, managers improve their team members’ positive energy, vitality, and overall well-being.


Optimally motivated employees are more productive, achieve higher-quality results, and are more likely to stay at the company.

Motivation is a skill that can be taught, learned, developed, and nurtured. There is solid science on motivation and using it unleashes huge potential. Learn the 6 motivational outlooks and how to shift to the optimum ones.

People are always motivated, but there are different types of motivation and it’s the quality of their motivation that impacts results.
Managers who understand the nature of motivation in an organization and how to help their people shift to optimal motivation create a workplace environment where people achieve goals, sustain high performance, and flourish.


Why Us

Join our mission to change the way people manage themselves and how they are managed – see incredible performance, satisfaction and effectiveness when people are empower & supported to Choose, Connect and be Competent

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