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HATE Unpredictable Recruitment?

We solve your Talent Rubik cube

Finding the best senior and project talent is a highly complex problem. There are so many variables. Location, culture, current desires, package, family needs, experience…

Solving a cube is very similar to search. How do Speed cubers solve the Rubik cube so fast, every time? They have figured out algorithms and sets of procedure that always work the cube towards a solved solution. They can solve it in 4 seconds!

Specialist Project and Engineering  Search is exactly the same. We have spent years working on “algorithms” and systems to solve your hardest search and recruitment challenges, particularly for leaders in the resources sector.

Look at the next 2 videos to hear our secret process. It is amazing what the right system can solve.

How our model solves your TOP talent sourcing challenges?


We’d love to assist you with your talent challenges. We offer a free 15 minute consultation to hear about your specific talent challenges and advise on solutions. We can chat about out-put specs, retention, international sourcing, recruitment options…

Hero Talent Delivery Systems – How we guarantee delivery

We have two Delivery systems:

  • The “7 Step Hero Project Talent System” for engineering projects that need talent quickly.
  • The “12 Step Hero Talent Delivery System” for Leaders & Executives in Projects & Resources.

We understand the Resources industry intimately and are constantly connecting to the professionals in this market using digital strategies that work.

Overview of the 7 Step Hero Project Talent Systems for Project Recruitment: 
1. Already mapped the full market – We know where to look so have a 1 to 2 months head start in the hunt. 
2. In depth role assessment – Define the success outputs & skills needed & fully understand the project by talking to Line Managers. 
3. Execute the search on the whole market and actively sell the opportunity – We review the whole market and dig out the best candidates. Using high tech/ digital marketing and direct calling to present the opportunities and quickly secure the best people. 
4. In-depth assessments. Progressive levels of assessment include skills, experience, motivation, reference checks. There is a high focus on character and attitude as they are key determinants of success. 
5. Present profiles and market feedback to client. We commit to providing high quality candidates within 1 to 6 days. 
6. Manage interview, offer & negotiation process 
7. On boarding process

Our philosophy is to ensure we are a competitive advantage to our clients by providing superior project candidates quickly. We select the companies we want to work with and only service companies that are serious and committed to the best employment opportunities for our candidates.

No obligation, free 15 min discussion to understand your challenges and how we could help you rock