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Our Dream & Values

We have 3 driving passions that we want to impact the world with: 

1. Help people to be talent focused and facilitate opportunities for them. 
• You will be most successful if you focus on maximizing and prioritizing the use of your talents. 
• Apply the Pareto principle to your talents then you will shine, be successful and maximize your positive impact in the world

2. We look for Hero character and people who live for a higher cause. 
• Apply the Hero Journey to your career growth. It is how life works and how we grow. 
• Be a person of character and purpose. 
• Life is tough but there is hope if you know the process will result in greater growth and impact.

If we want to grow, make a difference, be successful, and be full of joy use the Hero Journey as a good guide to the process of life.

The Hero Journey can be summarized as:
1. Embrace new challenges; 2. Conquer our fear and make a decision; 3. Learn from mentors; 4. Cross the threshold into the unknown; 5. Overcome trials; 6. Work in a team; 7. Come to the end of ourselves and realize we can change with the help of the Greatest Hero; 8. Seize the reward and give back; 9. Overcome resistance and road blocks to making a difference; 10. Allow resurrection inside us; 11. Be reconciled; 12. Push through and work to integrate all of your life to a better place; 13. Keep growing and enjoying (start a new growth cycle).

The Hero Journey applied to career growth and executive search, particularly in the Mining, Energy and Oil and Gas sectors 

3. Smiling and joy 
• Live deeply satisfied, smile often and focus on maximizing your long term joy. 
• Life and your career are to be enjoyed.

Keep smiling through the journey and don’t give up.