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I hereby confirm Mark Steenhoff has serviced SENET through his company Talent Advance from April 2012 to date. He is the Managing Director and Owner of Talent advance and is a Specialist Head Hunter. I was employed at SENET in June 2001 and was the HR Director at SENET until February 2016.

In addition to providing senior staff and professionals for SENET, Mark also sourced my replacement HR management for SENET in record time. SENET called on Mark’s services frequently when sourcing personnel. 

Mark provided the following specialist recruitment services to SENET:

* Introduced himself and Talent Advance to SENET, negotiated terms of business and developed relationship with Senate HR through regular interaction and quality service  

* Interact with SENET to clarify the key requirements of posts to be filled. This included discussions on project specific details and manager requirements that would influence the selection of the right candidates 

* Sourced and Head Hunted the correct candidates 

* Interviewed potential candidates and prepared the resumes in the Talent Advance format 

* Submitted the resumes and followed up on CV’s submitted 

* Managed the interview co-ordination from the candidate’s side so that the selected candidates could meet the SENET line managers 

* Did reference checks on candidates and wrote them up 

* Facilitated qualification checks on selected candidates 

* Received the offer from SENET, addressed any queries and managed any negotiations that arose 

* Ensured candidates started at SENET 

Mark is an engineer and understands SENET requirements. He has been the preferred supplier to SENET since he started working with SENET in April 2012. He is one of two specialist recruiters that SENET uses to source difficult-to-find professional staff. Mark was assisted by his team at Talent Advance and SENET found his staff professional and pleasant. 

Mark has been the primary external recruiter for SENET and facilitated the following successful placements: 

Project Manager (Mechanical)
Project Engineers (Mechanical)
Engineering Managers
Project Planners
Technical Writers
Cost Engineers
Civil Project Engineers
Project Administrators
HR Manager 

In my capacity as HR Director, I found that Mark understood very clearly our company culture and tried to ensure that the candidates put forward by him and his company had not only the correct academic credentials and experience but also the correct “fit” into SENET culture. 

With all my personal dealings with mark, I found him to be extremely professional, honest and his character beyond reproach and would not hesitate to recommend his professional recruitment services.