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Reference letter and proof of services provided by Mark Steenhoff

I worked for Matomo Projects (Pty) Ltd as the Project Director from 2007 until 2014. Matomo was a specialist Project House that provided turnkey design, project management and construction of mainly mineral process plants and renewable energy projects. We undertook large LSTK projects valued up to R1, 3 billion.

Mark Steenhoff provided Specialist Head Hunting and Specialist Recruitment services for me and the other Matomo managers. Mark started his own Specialist Recruitment Agency (Talent Advance) in 2012 and serviced Matomo through this entity. Mark was the Managing Director and the Lead Head Hunter at Talent Advance. He worked full time at Talent Advance and sourced difficult-to-find professional staff for Matomo. He was assisted by his team at Talent Advance. We found him and his staff pleasant and professional.

Mark provided the following specialist recruitment services to Matomo:

* Introduced himself and Talent Advance to Matomo, negotiated terms of business and developed relationships through regular interaction

* Clarified the key requirements of posts to be filled through discussions with the various managers to match the candidate to the specific project

* Sourced and head hunted the suitable candidates

* Interviewed potential candidates and prepared their resumes in a standard format

* Submitted the resumes and followed up on CVs submitted

* Managed the interview process

* Undertook and documented reference and qualification checks

* Took receipt of the offer, addressed any queries and managed any negotiations that arose

Mark placed the following permanent staff at Matomo over the period of 2012 to 2015.

Legal Contract Administrator
Construction Manager
Civil Supervisor
Mech Eng
Piping Eng
Program Manager
Elect Eng
Process Eng (Snr)
SHEQ Administrator
Mat Controller
Snr QC (Site)
Safety Officer
C&I Commissioning Eng
Elect Commissioning Eng

After leaving Matomo in Dec 2014, I took up the role as Project Director on the Tecroveer Acid Mine Drainage Eastern Basin Project. This was valued at R260 million. Mark Steenhoff provided some temporary staff on short notice for this project. His services included:

* Matching candidates to post requirements

* Managed the interview process and negotiated the contract labour terms with Tecroveer

* Negotiated rates with the selected candidate

* Facilitated the payroll solution for the contractors (he outsourced these services)

* Keep the posts filled for the contract duration (in the event of resignations)

The following people were placed on the Tecroveer project:

QC Electrical & Instrumentation
QC Mechanical

Mark always excelled in matching a suitable candidate to the job specification, and many times under sever time pressure. His knowledge of the industry assisted him on understanding the job specification, and thus speeded up the process of matching the suitable candidate. Through his professional placements, my job was made easier and the candidates added value to the company.

Mark was always willing to assist, even on at short notice, and was usually the first of our service providers to place a suitable candidate. I would recommend Mark as a Specialist Head Hunter and provider of Recruitment services.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely


Ken Dyamond
Project Director – Matomo Projects (2005 -Dec 2014)

Project Director – Tecroveer Acid Mine Drainage Eastern Basin Project (April 2015 till present)